LUCARIS Desire Robust Red Stemware Glasses (4 pack)

LUCARIS Desire Robust Red Stemware Glasses (4 pack)

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LUCARIS, Desire Robust Red Stemware Glasses. These stemware glasses are ideal for Medium to Full body Red Wines.

The Robust Red stemware glass from the Lucaris Desire series is a new lead-free crystal glass composition. Oversized bowl allows the wine exposed to oxygen with bottom curl lines to increase micro-oxidation and long nose to soften the strong spicy character from young, tannic, and full structure red wines. Exceptional clarity and brilliance, with extra strength and durability. Detergent resistant and dishwasher safe.

Available in a 4 Pack Gift Box.


The LUCARIS, Red Desire Stemware glasses are ideal for serving medium and full body wines like Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah or Shiraz, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon to name a few wine varietals. 

Some Suggested Food and Wine Pairings below:

Cabernet Franc, ideal for lighter meats like chicken or turkey as well duck or game birds and goes nicely with grilled vegetable dishes.

Merlot, meats like BBQ Burgers, Pizza and Pastas.

Syrah or Shiraz, ideal food pairings include meats like (steak, beef wild game, and stews

Malbec, especially wines from Argentina pairing nicely with Cajun, Mexican and Indian Curry dishes.

Pinot Noir, pairing nicely with Grilled Salmon, Turkey, Chicken and Lamb.

Zinfandel, depending on freshness or heaviness of the varietal, ideal with tomato sauce pastas, pizza, grilled and barbecued meats.

Sangiovese, good choice for Italian and other Mediterranean-style cuisines.

Barbera, these wines are quite versatile and will match many dishes including tomato sauces and Italian dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon, best with simply prepared red meat and rich meaty stews.

Red Wines reveal their richness when served at cooler room temperatures of 55° to 65°F (13° to 18°C). When it's warm inside or out, you can place the bottle in the refrigerator for a short time, but don’t let the wine get too cool, cold red wines can taste excessively tart.

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