Cheese Platter for Party Entertaining!

Cheese Platter Preparation for Entertaining Your Guests.

Helpful Tips when making an exciting Cheese Platter for entertaining your friends and family. It'll require little work and a bit of imagination, but if you follow our Helpful Tips; we're sure You'll be a star Hostess or Host!

It’s fun to prepare, just remember - the cheese should always be the star.


Get creative serve with nuts and a variety of breads, such as baguettes, nut breads, pumpernickel etc.

Type of Cheeses and Suggested Wine Pairings below:

Creamy Styles Camembert, Champagne

Brie, Chardonnay

Hard, Gouda Merlot

Cheddar, Cabernet Sauvignon

Parmesan, Chianti or Full Red like Burgundy

Gruyere, Sauvignon Blanc

Blue or Gorgonzola, Port

Blue Cheese, Riesling

Fresh Ricotta, Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris

Mozzarella, Sauvignon Blanc

Goat Cheese, Chenin Blanc

Greek Feta, Beaujolais or Gamay

Make your cheese platter exciting and unique by adding dried fruits such as apricots, candied fruits, chutneys jams or jellies.

Anticipate using 3 or 5 varieties of cheese from among hard cheeses, soft cheeses, washed rind, semi firm curd cheeses or veined cheeses like blue cheeses.

Start with the milder cheeses and progress your way to stronger cheeses, such as blue cheeses.

When using crackers, use the unsalted variety to emphasize the taste of the cheeses.

Serving after dinner, allow for 45 to 60 grams per person or about 2 ounces per person serving in volume. When being served as an appetizer, you'll need about 90 to 100 g per person or about 4 ounces person.

For a Classic Cheese Platter event you'll require more substantial tastings of only cheese, crackers and fruit, checkout our SHOP & LEARN, Niagara All Natural Jams and Jellies, to add more complexity and variety to your tastings.

For Your Classic Cheese Platter, anticipate using about 250 grams or about 8-9 ounces per person.

With so many different ways to present cheese: on a cheeseboard, an elegant white platter dish or wood cutting board use your imagination. Your possibilities are endless.

Just make sure to take your cheese out of the refrigerator at least 45 minutes before serving to allow it to come to room temperature.